Sunday 11th June 2017 - Lochore Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon

Media, June 14, 2017

A windy swim at Lochore tests PTC athletes.

It was a hardy bunch that went to Lochore to tackle the sprint (750m/20km/5km) and Standard (1500m/40km/10km) Distance triathlons.  During set up of everyone's bikes it was clear the wind was going to play a factor in the swim, and it certainly made the one lap sprint, and two lap Standard with "Aussie Exits" (finish lap one, exit the water, run along the beach to the entry point and start lap 2!) a talking point!  Out on the bike again it was a one lap sprint and two lap standard route, with a hill to get everyone warmed up at the start and circle parts of the Fife countryside.  The run was along the banks of Lochore with great support from the locals and visitors.  

Everyone put in great efforts, and members Alicja Weyer and Billy Bunyan brought home podium places!  Alicja was first female in both her category and overall in the Standard, and Billy was first male Vintage in the sprint.

Club results -

Sprint Distance

William Bunyan 01:17:15 1st Male Vintage 
Andrew Ross 01:18:16 16th Male Veteran 
Sylwester Nowocien 01:23:16 23rd Male Senior 
Ben Heap 01:25:23 25th Male Senior                                                                                
Barney Reilly 01:30:41 17th Male SuperVet
Kirstie Dearing 01:34:20 18th Female Veteran 
Steven Wilcox 01:39:44 20th Male Super Veteran

Standard Distance

George Pounder 2:25:11 6th Male Veteran
Craig White 2:38:22 18th Male Senior
Alicja Weyer 2:38:26 1st Female, 1st Female Veteran
Nigel Bruce 2:54:02 8th Male SuperVeteran
Pam Dougall 2:54:09 7th Female Veteran

Well done to everyone on a tough day!