Sunday 4th June 2017 - Stirling Sprint Triathlon

Media, June 07, 2017

PBs and Podiums were the order of the day for Team PTC!


The Stirling Triathlon, hosted by Stirling Triathlon Club, took place at Stirling University.   This sell-out event takes place in the grounds of the University.  It was a glorious sunny day (once the rain stopped before the athletes got out of the swimming pool) and PTC had 10 members taking part.  Well done everyone fantastic results!  Well done to Katie McClements on winning 3rd place in the female veteran category!


George Pounder - 1hr 11mins 36secs

Sylwester Nowocien - 1hr 14mins 11secs

Andrew Ross - 1hr 15mins 58secs

Ivan Greaves - 1hr 18mins 33secs

Andrew Miller - 1hr 18mins 36secs

Alicja Weyer - 1hr 21mins 23secs

Barney Reilly - 1hr 28mins 15secs

Elaine Laidlaw - 1hr 31mins 02 secs

Gail Murdoch - 1hr 33mins 22secs

Katie McClements (Novice Triathlon) - 58mins 01secs