Mid Argyll Triathlon & Other Things!

Race Reports, September 24, 2018

A wee race round-up of a variety of activities that club members are participating in from the Mid Argyll Triathlon to parkrun and rock climbing!

A few club members were getting the most out of triathlon season at the weekend, Gillian Kennedy and Fabienne Thompson took part in the Firth of Forth swim on the Saturday, then Gillian not content with just one race at the weekend, also took part in the Mid Argyll Triathlon along with Stuart Campbell on the Sunday. Nigel Bruce and David Innes went doon the borders for the Peebles Sprint Triathlon whilst other club members were taking it easy and attending parkruns in Perth and Denmark! Some club members organised going out for a jaunty bike ride, some for a run and others were hanging of rock faces in the Lake District. A couple of other club members had to 'just keep swimming' as they were taking part in a swimming gala in Greenock (and won medals..woohoo) and lastly, a few members were practicing endurance whilst watching Mamma Mia 2 at the cinema (actually, they reported it was pretty good and quite funny!). A few race reports to follow this week, but first up is Gillian's eventful weekend.

Mid Argyll Triathlon by Gillian Kennedy

After a challenging day on Saturday... one of many folk hauled out of the Firth when the swim went very wrong...I was feeling a bit battered and sickly... should I or could I possibly drive all the way to Lochgilphead tonight? A last minute waiting list place for MidArgyll had come up and... well.... it would be a shame to waste it. Popular sprint event with 500m/20k/6.2k.

Head off.... problem with car half way... into service area... short delay.... arrive there 9pm to find that my last minute cheap B&B is over a pub … with a band keeping the floor vibrating til 2am.... and wake to rain. This is not going well. 
Come out of the swim to torrential and very cold rain with some hail... kit soaking... you have to ask yourself why you are doing this.

But a few miles into the bike the rain stops, the sun comes out, the sky is blue and the course is absolutely flat. All of it. Flat. Scenery beautiful. Marshals brilliant.... and the course is flat. YES! Have to admit I enjoyed it all. So glad I went. Icing on the cake is finishing 2nd out of 5 for age and the furthest from last I have been all season at 1hr 52mins. And there was lots of icing on the huge supply of cakes the local scouts were selling at the event too.

What a weekend you have had Gillian, sounds like you made it through, with a podium finish - now that's the icing on the cake! ;)

Well done everyone!

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